About Us

Ehlan wa sahlan!

Welcome to the National Arab American Times Newspaper.

Our goal is to provide you with news about the Arab American community throughout the United States and North America.

Distributed at more than 600 Arab American stores in 48 states, we hope to help bring news about the Arab American community to Arab Americans and non-Arabs interested in our community from coast to coast.

We are interested in your story. We want news about your family, your club , your event, your births, weddings,achievements, graduations, promotions, and the obits to record the achievements of those who have come before us. Send us your news by email or eFax, and email your digital photographs.

Let’s let the nation who we are as we help explore the great culture, experiences and the positive profile of a great Arab American people.

Newspapers have always been in my blood. A relative of my father launched the original al-Quds Newspaper in the mid-19th Century. I entered journalism in 1975 launching the first Arab American Newspaper in Chicago, The Middle Eastern Voice, and again published the Arab American View Newspaper in 1999 until post-Sept. 11, 2001 hatred and animosity closed it and five other Chicagoland Arab American newspapers.

But I love newspapers and while we have many great Arab American newspapers and a few magazines, I still believe there is room for more, including one that strives to reach a national audience. The Arab American Times is not going to include politics. There are already many great newspapers that do a great job of providing political coverage, which is very important. I want my newspaper to do something different, to cover culture, society, profiles individuals like journalist Ahmed Soliman, comedian Sherif Hedayat radio host Barbara Nimri Aziz, and so many other Arab Americans who are doing great things but do not get the recognition they derserve. And we have great organizations like RAWI, NAAJA, ADC, AAI and the ATFP.

I was moved by the enormous power of the Arab American National Museum when I wrote a lengthy feature on it for Aramco Magazine in 2005, and having visited it several times. The achievements of Arab Americans are so great. We cannot allow anti-Arab hatred among a few people in the mainstream American news media prevent us from become active and influential members of this great country called America.

We are a part of America. America is us. We must strive to make the American mirror reflect our image accurately, clearly and brightly for all to see.

Thank you
Ray Hanania, Publisher